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How To Work

3.How to Work

For those of you who just play this game, I suggest to read Terms and conditions first. you must follow the rule in this game, because this game is real money game and strictly follow the rules in the game.
          After you have completed the registration and verification process, click the activity and workplace, as shown below.

          Then click the work button at the top of the company. Work in mpl takes 4 hours for 1 shift, and you can work for 3 shifts a day. In the beginning, work twice each day. After 3 days, you will get the government work bonus, and you can use the homeless shelter which will give you 10 % energy for free. Buy any energy products like Meals, Coffee , wine Newspaper and rent mansions to Increase energy. Initially the cost for increasing the energy will not pay off , slowly as you grow with daily active work you can get more wages for daily work. good tip is the every 3rd day, just before the government bonus – then buy a great wine. If you work twice / day, your Economic score (ES) will raise by 1 point each day. If you work once, it will stay the same. If you don’t work, it will fall by 1 point each day. 100 is maximum. By daily twice work for 100 days you reach the Maximum Economic score of 100 and earn daily good wages which will help to buy energy products and increase your levels.
          After a month or so, when you raise your ES to at least 30-40,and you have time to login more times each day, you can start thinking about overshifts which by now should pay off, depending on the wages. After 50 Economic score, you are pretty sure they will pay off.  Again , buy energy only just enough to cross the 55 % minimum that is needed to enable overshifts.